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Music Media Multiculture

Music Media Multiculture

Like never before musics of all kinds are today available simultaneously all over the globe. More time than ever is spent on music. Music has a key role in societal change. Music – Media – Multiculture uses music to understand and explain how social and cultural diversity is constructed and organized.

Everybody says: Look at us! We are special and different! But everybody says this in the same way. And they say it with music. Using music as a keyhole Music – Media – Multiculture studies how different groupings function in today's society: How are they formed? What do they want? What do they do? What will they do in the future? What significance will all this have for the society of tomorrow?

The authors are ethnomusicologists at Stockholm University, The Swedish National Collections of Music and Gotland University.

Price: SEK 200 (approx EU 23)

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