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Music Media Multiculture – The Media

This site is a compliment to the book "Music Media Multiculture – Changing Musicscapes". To open the different documents an Internet-browser is required (Internet Explorer 4 or later, Netscape Navigator 4.08 or later.) To open the video and audio illustrations RealPlayer8 is required. If you need to install RealPlayer visit http://www.real.com/ to download. To show the "The Arena Game" and the "Cultural Energy Sphere" the Java engine is required . Get it at Free Java download

Video and Audio illustrations – Here are a number of video and audio samples that illustrate case studies and discussions in the book. The samples are grouped in the same order as the presentations in the book. Every sample comes with a short comment and a presentation of source and title. All samples are in RealMedia format.

The Arena Game – Arenas and music genres are important in the MMM study. Here they are combined to an Arena Game where the development of different genres and music types on different arenas can be examined. Three points of time are described:

  1. the present – which refers to the time around the year 2000,
  2. the past – 10-15 years ago (the 1980s), and
  3. the future – about 10-15 years from now (the 2010s).

Drag a genre or music type into an arena and drop it and the game starts.

Cultural Energy Sphere – This model is a tool for describing changes in a music genre during the last years. The speed and direction of the music type when it travels through the Cultural Enegry Sphere is determined by changes in the charges by the different poles in six tension fields. The model can also be used to predict the effects of changes in future culture politics or other input.

Rap, ragga, reggae in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Lusaka – This hyper media document illustrates the reception and development of rap, ragga and reggae in three cities in East Africa.