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Assyrian music on the Internet

In January, 1997, it was estimated that 50 million pages of text had been put out on the World Wide Web. The estimated speed of expansion (which is increasing all the time) is now 10% per month. We are living in an ongoing information explosion which is perhaps most obvious in our contacts with Internet.

The enormous amount of information makes search engines, link sites, etc essential so that we don't lose our way in the jungle of information.

Information about Assyrian "Music-dealers"

Information about artists, tunes, etc can be obtained from "Assyrian voice".

Longer articles about Assyrian artists and composers are published by the electronic newsletter Nineveh Magazine. Information about music and artists is also published regularly by Esha Tamras, who has put out a large amount of information on WWW via the site Assyrian Information Medium Exchange, which also contains a special music page; Assyrian Information Medium Exchange – Music Page

The Assyrian music which is produced in Sweden is therefore only available to a very limited extent via the Net. The biggest Assyrian music producer in Sweden is the Nineveh Music Association in Gothenburg, which also has its own distribution. Sales take place almost exclusively through local Assyrian societies, which sell cassettes, CDs and music videos with Assyrian music, mainly of Swedish and American origin. But an expansion of the National Federation's Music Exchange via WWW is expected within the coming year.

Hardly any Assyrian music is available in "ordinary" music shops. Even shops with a Turkish/Arabic "ethnic" assortment, such as "Music Corner" in Rinkeby and "Videos and Sweets" in Norsborg (two suburbs in the south of Stockholm with a high percentage of immigrants), do not stock Assyrian products.